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Asphalt Resurfacing

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Smooth blacktop on your driveway or parking lot can add curb appeal to your home and business. Over time, the pavement’s surface may fade to gray and develop small cracks. Asphalt resurfacing also called an overlay, involves adding a layer of asphalt over the existing pavement. Resurfacing is a quick, cost-effective way to give your driveway or parking area a facelift. RDM Asphalt in Albany, NY has the info you need to keep your driveway or parking lot in the best shape!

When Should You Resurface Your Driveway or Parking Lot?

Resurfacing is an option if the pavement is in good shape. Factors that indicate resurfacing is appropriate for your driveway or parking area include:

  • The foundation is structurally sound
  • The pavement is less than 20 years old
  • At least 70% of the surface is in good shape
  • All cracks are less than a quarter-inch wide
  • No gaps are more than a few inches deep

In Albany, NY, potholes are common, so we test the condition of the existing pavement to evaluate its condition and repair any potholes, cracks, and divots before resurfacing. Linear cracks can be filled with a hot rubberized sealant and the new asphalt layer placed on top. However, alligator cracking may signal a failure of the sub-layer and typically requires extensive repair or replacement. Experienced asphalt contractors can determine if resurfacing is the best solution for your driveway or parking lot.

Asphalt resurfacing requires preparing the existing pavement before adding a new layer. This includes cleaning the surface with a wire brush and removing any weeds and debris. A leaf blower can remove material from the cracks.

What is the Lifespan of Newly Resurfaced Asphalt?

Every project is unique. A properly constructed driveway or parking lot can last 15 years or more before resurfacing is necessary. Several factors affect the lifespan of the resurfaced pavement, such as:

  • Condition of the sub-layer before resurfacing
  • Routine maintenance plan
  • Weather patterns
  • Freeze-thaw cycle
  • The thickness of the new layer

The weight of the traffic on the pavement can also affect the lifespan of asphalt resurfacing. Heavy equipment and commercial trucks, common in the surrounding Albany areas, cause more wear and tear on the pavement. The new layer typically lasts 8-15 years with routine maintenance. Asphalt is long-lasting, cost-efficient, and easy to maintain. Its natural properties allow it to absorb road noise and make it skid-resistant.

Asphalt Resurfacing in Albany, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

If you have a paved driveway or parking lot, you can give it a refresh without breaking the bank. Asphalt resurfacing restores the shine and sturdiness of the pavement, and asphalt resurfacing costs are lower than repaving or constantly making repairs. The paving contractors at RDM Asphalt and Construction have the skills and more than 30 years of experience to ensure the job is done right. We provide paving services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Albany, NY area. Contact us or call (518) 406-3231 to schedule a free estimate.

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